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OK so today was the beginning promised yesterday of wearing out my Flash icon instead of Word anymore.

My previous post went here (via here) for a very basic prototype of the text API/interface going on with the project. Basically all the stuff presented in my Minor, and that too, are static Flash media, yet to be put onto the Media Server.

Essentially whenever anyone visits a HTML page on the Web they access a page stored on a host server. Whenever a user visits a static Flash media, they view a single instance of that .swf that they alone are accessing. All other users seeing that .swf are visiting their own individual instances – similar to having their own duplicates of a copy stored on a server – none are connected to any other users’ instance.

Flash Media Server hosts networked .swfs on a server enabling multiple users to access specified instances of a .swf to any users visiting that same (prepared) instance. So there’s the ability to interoperate and it facilitates web-cams and audio conference etc, some nice stuff.

Anyway, so my Flash files right now are all static, pre-Server. Most of the client-side interface and functionality are operating, today began that massive commute to server-side work.

Flash Blocks

Here’s a really simple example knocked up this morning.
You can drag around these squares, but when you refresh the page the blocks reset to the original position.

With this example though, when you move then refresh the page – i.e. reload the .swf, the blocks remain.
Right now the data is stored locally using SharedObjects and .getLocal() methods, the variables are stored within locally to your Flash Player.

Eventually the data will be stored (host) server-side for regenerating environments as left by users. More like a message boards than chat systems, each community space can then collect content over time, layering and collaborating info as it ages, so any state can be left and revisited, rebuilt dynamically.


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