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As well as the FMS development there’s a whole load of back-end to be constructed in PHP/MySQL to support the Flash. This week I started building that lot.

Registering and managing user accounts are pretty straightforward, on top of that there are some access levels around creating the new boards, which are essentially self-administrated user groups – again quite easy with Dreamweaver’s built-in authentication features.

With these groups I can then play with some networking, I don’t really want to do much about defining friends and relationships between users that explicitly, that whole side of social networking isn’t so central to the project but there’s obviously connections generate automatically that users could maybe do something with.

What I’m defining are wider networks, unique to each user based on their communities’ connections.

Talkboards - Preliminary Networks Diagram

Basically the networks are quite large, divided as Immediate or Extended. Immediate Network members will be those who are members of communities the user have themselves created – admin, above. Extended Networks are then the users who are part of the groups that that user is also part of, more ‘indirect’ connections, obviously far larger.

The diagram is pretty self-explanatory, as admin of Board C, User3 would have User6 and User7 in their Immediate Network, where they remain in the Extended for User1.

As of the end of this week most of this in now in place, I’m finding problems with nested repeat regions querying this information. For example, returning multiple users from a single SQL query which itself returns the multiple connections a primary user has with the defined communities. It works for the first returned results, I’ve jus got to figure out how to do this across the board.


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