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Having severely neglected this blog for over seven months, I thought it now about time to involve some effort in reviving it..

Since then having seen a change of job, flat, quite literally the explosion of my previous computer (oh, dear poot 😦 ), an abound of blogging opportunities have gone amiss I won’t attempt to condense in a brief apologetic summary – instead only promise to try harder.

My new job – I say ‘new’, I’ve been there pretty much the length of this absence – alone has probably presented me with the most would-be blog posts not written – all things Actionscript 2, 3, Flex and AIR and recently reviving the challenges of FMS laid dormant since my final year of uni.. I’ll get round to these as and when.

Oh yeah – since Talkboards is now offline and my domain redirects here, I guess it’s about time I developed some kind of real webspace.

So some actual blogging to follow. The only other regrettable omission was the chance to big up this year’s graduation show from the Interactive Media Production course at Bournemouth Uni – the course I graduated from last year. Pixel Pier was the name, showcasing this year’s IMPs at Richmix in Bethnal Green. Their site has a bit more content then our effort, seems the profile pages all link to their projects hosted online – have a look.


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