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I should have mentioned already what an awesome success Flex Camp 08 was a couple weeks back. London’s first go hosting the show, huge well done to the London Flex Platform User Group, the guys at Emak Mafu and everyone else involved in arranging the event. The day was made up of various show and tell sessions, panel discussions and workshops, all for free, needless to say those who couldn’t make it sorely missed out, irrelevant of the free beer and pizza by a long way.

Andrew Shorten, Adobe Platform Evangelist, opened with a keynote similar to Mark Anders‘ recently at 360 Flex (found via InsideRIA), reviewing Flash development since 1993 and looking at the roadmap ahead, toward Flex 4, Gumbo – and tools like Thermo and Degrafa. We got some sneak peeks at Flash Player 10, previously ‘Astro’, not only showing off some cool effects like Pixel Bender, but interestingly with those, further steps made by Adobe toward the more open source development community.

A couple highlights, I enjoyed Justin Clarke and Samuel Williams rattling through their presentation on PureMVC. I’ve used PureMVC before, but as frameworks go, I generally always adopt Cairngorm for the majority of Flash and Flex work, but they’ve definitely convinced me to have another look.

As good was Bryan Hunt of Emak Mafu delivering his brilliantly disgruntled thoughts on working with Flex and Java, something I’m yet to try, but he also touched upon developing with the Spring framework, which I’d recently come across working with Red5 – glad I caught up with him afterwards.

Perhaps the most useful was Peter Elst‘s class on using SQLite and AIR, in which he quickly put together an app with a simple straightforward relational database, using very little MXML and Actionscript, demonstrating the SQL database support in AIR as standard with AS3, as well as it’s capabilities in synchronising with online sources.

I’ve seen a couple requests around for any source code or presentation slides from the day, but I’ve yet to find any – if I do I’ll update here, I’m keen to see them myself.


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    […] Last September I attended Flex Camp ‘08, (essentially the same, but obviously focused on Flex) so I expected much the same – cool demos, sneak previews, maybe some insight to what Adobe have in the pipeline for the future – and got pretty much exactly that. […]

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