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Adam Neate gave way 1,000 more paintings to the public yesterday, claiming the streets of London as his public gallery. As afternoon dusk fell, hundreds of volunteers distributed the screen printings across the 32 boroughs of London.

Covered by the BBC, Independent and countless art sources online, try as I might scouring streets of Dalston, Hackney and Shoreditch last night, I returned empty handed.

Elms Letters has a great quote about what he’s doing. Printed on cardboard and shrink-wrapped in cellophane, there’s a deliberate attempt to blur the boundary between painting, print and product:

“I remember as a kid going into Woolworths and seeing laminated prints of that famous Tretchikoff painting ‘The Chinese Girl’ and thinking it was great that people could have that iconic image at home for next to nothing. I’m hoping that for some people who come across one of these new paintings, they’ll pick it up not because they recognise it as one of mine, but just because they connect with the image and would like to hang it on their wall.”

Tonight I head down to BFI Southbank for This Happened, a series of events focusing on interaction design, part of the Onedotzero Adventures in Motion.

Report back tomorrow.


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