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I’ve recently started playing with Adobe Alchemy, a beta project for compiling C/C++ libraries into Actionscript.

I was having problems compiling the sample app – the GCC couldn’t find the Actionscript libraries and I was seeing a duplication in the path:

cc1 error: /usr/lib/alchemy/usr/lib/alchemy/avm2-libc/avm2/AVM2Env.h

I posted it up on the Alchemy forums and it would seem I wasn’t the only one experiencing this problem.

Turns out it’s an unnecessary Perl hack, in the script in the /alchemy/achacks/ directory.

Commenting out the following lines of the pfix function:

$p =~ s/(^|^-[-\w]+=?)(\/usr\/include\/)/$1${home}\/avm2-libc\/include\//;
$p =~ s/(^|^-[-\w]+=?)(\/usr\/)/$1${home}$2/;

and it stops the incorrect ‘fix’ of the file path.

Try again, and the SWC compiles. Who says forums don’t work? There’s a lot of excitement about this project, glad to see them so active.


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